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Written in Pencil in the Sealed Freight Car by Dan Pagis

Already Embraced by the Arms of Heavenly Solace by Nelly Sachs

Massacre of the Boys by Tadeusz R÷zewicz

A Dead Child Speaks by Nelly Sachs

O the Night of the Weeping Children by Nelly Sachs

Kristallnacht, November 1938 Harold Macdonald

Holocaust Inside Out by Harold Macdonald

A Poor Christian Looks at the Ghetto by Czeslaw Milosz

The Jew to Jesus by Florence Kiper Frank

So Great My Grief by Harold Macdonald

PietÓ - Holocaust John 19 and the Station by Sieger K÷der

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Ashes to Easter

Thorns and Barbed Wire

Holy Innocents


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