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Penultimate Word - Lenten Series



Christian faith is tactile - Ash Wednesday 2000

A Journey Begun - Ash Wednesday 2009

Hail Mary, full of Grace - Annunciation 2008

The measure of the full stature of Christ
The example of his patience
He is going on before you... into Galilee
Now that March is behind us
By his wounds you have been healed
See, I am making all things new

He continues ... to be led to a Cross - Lent 2003

Purple - is fashionable twice - Lent 2004

Of God we ask one favor - Lent 2005

We Thirst at First - Lent 2006

We pray to heaven - Lent 2007

A scalding prayer... Sabacthani - Lent 2009

Imitatio dei : Compassion and Mercy - Easter 2003

The trumpet will sound - Easter 2004

Blindness is also this... - Easter 2005

The Pomegranates Fall Silent - Easter 2007

You are free!  Free!  He is waiting for you - Easter 2008

Light of the World - Easter 2009

Love is the only way - Holy Cross Day 2005



Ashes to Easter

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