Stations of the Cross: Embrace
Embrace Jesus embraces his Cross.  He accepts it openly, freely.
The cross-beam is offered and it is accepted.
Hands that brought healing and expressed care now clasp a Tree.
As a carpenter, he would have valued the quality of timber.
As one condemned, he measures value again, in unexpected, redemptive ways.

Matthew Chapter: 27

The governor's soldiers led Jesus into the fortress and brought together the rest of the troops.  They stripped off Jesus' clothes and put a scarlet robe on him.  They made a crown out of thorn branches and placed it on his head, and they put a stick in his right hand. The soldiers knelt down and pretended to worship him. They made fun of him and shouted, "Hey, you king of the Jews!"   Then they spit on him. They took the stick from him and beat him on the head with it. 
 When the soldiers had finished making fun of Jesus, they took off the robe. They put his own clothes back on him and led him off to be nailed to a cross.  

Scripture passages with each Station are from the
Contemporary English Version

Copyright 1999 The American Bible Society

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"You will Bear witness for me ... beginning here," said Jesus

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