Stations of the Cross: Whose?
Whose? Jesus' shroud awaits in silence...
As dice are cast for his cloak, others hurl insults.
As dice reveal luck, another proffers vinegar.
A blood stained cloak becomes a prize as another thrusts a spear.
King of Israel... Son of God, indeed!  Silence finally triumphant.  


John Chapter: 19

After the soldiers had nailed Jesus to the cross, they divided up his clothes into four parts, one for each of them. But his outer garment was made from a single piece of cloth, and it did not have any seams. The soldiers said to each other, "Let's not rip it apart. We will gamble to see who gets it." This happened so that the Scriptures would come true, which say,
"They divided up my clothes
and gambled for my garments."
The soldiers then did what they had decided. 

Scripture passages with each Station are from the
Contemporary English Version

Copyright 1999 The American Bible Society

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