Stations of the Cross: Holocaust
Holocaust Jesus is lowered in the pallor of death.
The Beloved Disciple and his Mother wait to receive him.
Not waiting to receive him in all of his vitality.
Not waiting to receive teaching or blessing or miracle.
To receive him as he has become for us...


John Chapter: 19

Jesus' mother stood beside his cross with her sister and Mary the wife of Clopas. Mary Magdalene was standing there too.    When Jesus saw his mother and his favorite disciple with her, he said to his mother, "This man is now your son."   Then he said to the disciple, "She is now your mother." From then on, that disciple took her into his own home. 

Scripture passages with each Station are from the
Contemporary English Version

Copyright 1999 The American Bible Society

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"You will Bear witness for me ... beginning here," said Jesus

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