430 – Will You Come and Follow Me  


 They led Jesus off to the house
of Caiaphas, the high priest..
Pilate took some water
washed his bands and said,
‘I am innocent of this man’s blood’.

Matthew 26: 5 7.27: 24

Three figures.
Three worlds.
On trial!

Possessive hands
Holding the scrolls of the Law.
Detached, unconnected eyes
Priestly garments.

A seemingly harsh will of God
That the innocent
Should die for all.
Is this relying on God?
Is it not rather an escape,
Manipulation? In God's name!

Washing hands,
Corrupting with blood
The pure water.

One day, that water
Had been changed into wine
To gladden the hearts.
Now, becomes blood of betrayal.

Truth? What's the truth
Behind that masked face,
That furtive look?
The truth you refuse to see
The power you don't want to lose.
The truth?

Here is the MAN!
The obedient servant.
Mute like a lamb,
His ear attentive
His back,
Stripped of the regal garments,
Offered to violent strokes.
His face at peace,
In the heart a song:
Here I am,
I come to do your will! 


Where can we find real strength, where is the truth? In those with positions of power, or in the one whose head is bowed, whose arms are lowered in peace, only being raised when nailed to the cross?

 How many innocent people pay the price of dishonesty, of abuse of power. Even by those who act in God's name. Indeed by anyone who manipulates the truth of the gospel to justify non-involvement, refusal of the truth. How ready we all are to surrender to hypocrisy and to hide behind the mask of our lack of courage. We would rather not get involved, distance ourselves from the wrong we see around us. Keep silence in the face of injustice inflicted on our brothers and sisters: friends, colleagues, neighbours and loved ones... All we want is to keep our name clean and our reputation good.

Celebration Themes & Scripture Links
Jesus is condemned


Mark 15:12-15 (Song of the Servant Isaiah 42:1-4; 49:1-4; 50:4-11; 53:10-12)

Truth makes us free

John 8:31
3 6; Romans 6:17-19; Galatians 5:13
Authority and responsibility

Psalm 28 1
2, Matthew 20 24-29.23:1-12; Mark 10:41-45; Luke 11:46; 22:24-2 7;John 5:19-40

We Pray...
Jesus, you didn't hesitate to pay the price of our wrongdoing.
Give us the courage to face the truth when we fail.
Give us strength to be true to your gospel and to be true to our brothers and sisters.

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"You will Bear witness for me ... beginning here,"