The Prayer Shawl is symbolic of something that God is doing on the earth. As Christians, we have a Jewish heritage through Jesus. Familiarity with that heritage can only benefit us in our understanding of the scriptures.  God does not do away with a lot of things that we have done away with. He is not offended by the Jewish culture. By allowing the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us regarding the Prayer shawl we will be drawn closer to Jesus and understand him better as Messiah.

Fringes, Tassels and Coils reminiscent of God's Commandments

Little Tent, a Prayer Closet

The Crown of Blessing and the Marriage of Ruth

The Hovering of the Holy Spirit

The Shofar - follow the link... Judaica

Marc Chagall: White Crucifixion Marc Chagall: The Praying Jew