festival of light


PDF format - download and printLight One Candle
Peter, Paul and Mary

Needlepointed Hanukkah Menorah pattern

Adobe PDF file - download and print

A Great Miracle Happened There
the penultimate WORD December 2008

Don't let the Light go out
the penultimate WORD December 2005

Lighting the Menorah
the What Where and When questions answered

The Meaning of the Menorah
by Rebbitzen Tzipporah Heller

Hanukkah: A Deeper Look
by Rabbi Shimon Apisdon

We Want Some Tuna and Chicken

tune: Hevenu Shalom

Rock of Ages - Ma'oz Tzur
by Marc Cohn from the CD Festival of Light

The Beauty and the Light
by Dina Coopersmith

The Dreidle
print a pattern, sing the song

Maccabaean Revolt
the Scriptural account 2 Maccabees 8:1- 10:8

Channukah and Yeshua (Jesus)
the Scriptural account John 10:23-30

Greece: the Dark Side
the dark side

Lichvod ha Chanukah

Potato Latkes - Sufganiyot

Transcending Limits
a Menorah Meditation

Your Inner Flame
a Meditation

a heroine's tale

the Scriptural account Judith 8:1 - 13:20

Judith and Holophernes
by M, the Man called Caravaggio

Family Illuminations
Surrounded by Mitzvahs

A Light for Andy
a bedtime story for Chanukah


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