The Most Reverend and Right Honourable
George C. Carey
Archbishop of Canterbury

Holocaust Day Statement

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, has issued a statement to mark National Holocaust Memorial Day. Dr Carey stressed the need for continued reflection on humanity's potential for evil and commitment to the search for hope.

"At a time when the human capacity for evil haunts too much of our broken world, it is vital that we continue to learn the lessons of the past in the service of the future. Holocaust Memorial Day is an important part of our shared learning.

"The Nazi Holocaust remains a stark and terrible warning of the depths to which humankind can descend. Other genocides remind us that we should take nothing for granted about the permanence of our ascent from those depths.

"Today is an important opportunity to reinforce our shared commitment to work for a world of dignity and respect for all - regardless of colour, race or creed; a commitment to bring forth from the dark places of history, the wonderful light of hope."

LAMBETH PALACE - 31 January 2002

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