Jesus and the Shoah:
Caravaggio and Jan Komski:

Thorns and Barbed Wire
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Ecce Home: Behold the Man

Marked - Mocked : A Star - A Crown

Komski: Ecce Homo Caravaggio: Ecce Homo - Behold the Man Komski: Roundup at Razzia Ghetto Caravaggio: Crowning with Thorns
Ecce Homo Ecce Homo   Roundup - Razzia Ghetto Crowning with Thorns


Aqedah - The Binding

The Identification: A Tattoo - A Kiss

Komski: Hanging by Arms

Caravaggio: The Flagellation

Komski: The Identification Caravaggio: The Taking of Christ
Hanging by Arms Christ at the Column   The Identification The Kiss

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