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Animal farm...







Monsignor’s Cats


Bovine issues...


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Four legs good;

two legs better!


Horsin' around out of the corral...



The Lumberjack Song

• Eric Idle

Inch by inch, row by row

• David Mallett

Black Fly Song

• Hemsworth Wade

The Log Driver’s Waltz

• Hemsworth Wade

Cows with Guns

• Lyons Brothers Music

All God’s Critters

• Bill Staines

Hand for the Hog

• Roger Miller

Where's the beef?  Where's the beef!  HELP!Where’s the beef?

Fowl issues

Birds of a feather...

Ducks...don’t echo!

Cats like field mice

Rural Church Mice

Rover’s a Grover

This little piggy

“Baa Baa White Sheep”

Even Goats were kids...

Out of the corral

Outstanding in his field

Down by the river
The homestead

Redneck Rural Route

N.R.A. on the farm


Background Midi: Duelling Banjos