Highland Thistles...


whats that under yer kilt laddie?


It was not until the Scottish (Jacobite) rebellions, the outlawing of bagpipes and the prohibition of the wearing of Highland garb (both kilts and tartans) in the Fall of 1746, that the Lowland Scots gradually adopted Highland dress as a form of rebellion against the Crown.




What's under yer kilt, laddie...?

Scottish Bar Stool

Highland Scot at the Games

Highland Shepherd Resources



Monsignor at the Highland Games

Sand Sculptures - Canada Day 2007 - PEI

At the Highland Games

It's all Greek to me

Sand in yer pipes

Sustaining a note...!

Call to Heaven

Scots lead the way

A bag-full of cats!

McPherson's Struggle

No Flies

Piper's Crossing

Cyclist Piper

Paddie flaunting his kilt

What's under yer kilt laddie?

Eleven Pipers Piping

Secrets revealed...!

Try not to look up...!

Basic Instincts... redux

Gross Hawk Piper


Secrets revealed

Try not to look up


Basic Instincts

Male Unbifurcated Garments



On the bag pipes

A Life Saver

Mother of Invention

Scottish Bris and the Moudiewort

Promise or Threat

In the Fall of the Year

Highland Breeze

Highland Scot plays a tune





The Jacobites’ Club


Kilts vs Trousers

Background: Scottish Rifles

Background Midi: Banks and Braes