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Hot, Hazy and Humid


Monsignor's Cat building sand castles...

Orthodox Ritual for Mowing the Lawn 

Protestant Ritual for Mowing the Lawn

St Francis and the Lawn


likes to relax

is a party animal

Peeping Tom

on a bed of lettuce 

at a neighbourhood bar-b-que 

enjoys some suds

discovers a friend

is the new short stop

makes home plate

gone fishin'


Coke -- the real thing...

Melon Art Cumulous Clouds

It finally happened

Foot ball Monsignor at the Highland Games Hot day at the farm... Rations for summer vacation...

Highland Shepherd Resources

Summer Studies



Summer 2013

Salad n Study




Summer 2012

Salad n Study




file   file

Summer 2011

Salad n Study


An Altar in the World -- Barbara Brown Taylor -- Summer Study 2010


Summer 2010

Salad n Study



THE SCANDALOUS GOSPEL OF JESUS -- Peter J Gomes -- Summer 2009

Summer 2009 

Salad n Study



The Provocative Church - Summer Study 2008


Summer 2008 

Salad n Study




Summer 2007

Salad n Study



Summer Study 2006 - A Barbecue, the Gospel and the Globe and MailSummer 2006

A Barbecue, the Gospel

and the Globe and Mail