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The Rt Rev'd Hildegaard-Marie von Rothschild Westchester de Haviland Gardner, Bishop for Feline Forces world-wide.







the Monsignor's Cats...

Feline Consecration Held

Denounces Syncretical Rite

doctrine of feline sedentation

and the power of prayer

two-faced cat found in Oregon

Patience and Tolerance


a nostalgic libretto

intentional loitering

meets Tennessee Williams

after reading Lewis Carroll

at an Edgar Allan Poe reading!

with a literate Bear

Island of Dr Moreau 1

Island of Dr Moreau 2

Oliver with a new twist

Enjoys live theatre

is a thespian

Feline Literature

la framboise frivole
[the frivolous raspberry]


Peter II

Peter III


is Charismaniacal

charismaniacal by 1/2

has a religious obligation...

is mission-minded

...adoption and grace

Lenten discipline

the Prodigal welcome

horizontal praise!

appreciates clerical humour

good and evil...
now that's a pair

is an Angel

who is faithful

and the doctrine
of feline sedentation

Easter celebration

Reverend Sofie N'Twinkie

Feline consecration

Checking the Vestments

Sister Magnificat

after mice

on safari...!

getting my attention

complaint department

is a pacifist

and her first mouse!

Omnidirectional Mouse

is a mouser

is friendly

is Playful

at the Clinic

at his birthday party

is a rodent paparazzi

feline take on
loaves and fishes

my brother's
neighbour's keeper...

feeding mice

too much of a good thing

exercising tolerance

hunting mice

Where's that mouse!

learning Snooker

is a Black Belt

as an Olympian

in Olympic Training

is weighty

is good on those lifts

playing Chess

plays the board

practising with the Ti Cats

dismayed Football
doesn't qualify

dismayed nothin'
... he's upset!


jumping for gold

Olympic bowling team

SAFE at home


Who's on First?

swimming team dog paddle?

is the new short stop

gymnast after gold

balances for gold

Britainís official cats

likes to roam

learning Chinese...

missed the train

in the Bullring

leaping for joy

in Iraq

from "down under"

is derailed

adopting a cat

Cat Carrier deluxe

Cat Carrier basic model

That darn cat


Runs off the rails

Church Cat

Cat and hi-tech Mice


and Friday's lunch

watching his diet

and a herald angel

gone fishin'

and an archangel

Squeezing in after a fish

learning to wet a line

as a journalist

astonished at Good News

keeping up on the news

as a Contemplative


making headlines

catching a docu-drama

with the police artist


Cat shoots man

tickling the ivories

and those high notes

at Choir practice

learning to whistle

is a high churchman

by the light of
the silvery moon

at the audition

hits those notes

finding harmony

joins the band

angel choir


ticklin' the ivories

Swingin' Shepherd Blues

canine traits

with man's "best friend"...!

feigns a warning

at the pillars

and the Hound of Heaven

courting Death

meets her cousins

... "Guess Who?"

... "Guess Who?" redux

and hospitality

is domesticated

.. I spy with my little eye

takes step 2 in a
12-step program

is a curmudgeon!

hanging out with his pals

the effect of gas

Sleepover with Cuddles

lives on the edge

with Christmas curiosity!

hanging mistletoe

- Santa "claws"

as a reindeer

and the Annual Christmas Photo

and the Snowman

in the Chorus

stressed by seasonal jealousy...

in the Christmas stocking chorus

is very territorial

mining coal

Shadow as Santa

yule-tide feline

Baby, it's cold outside

Santa's helpers

Trimming the dog

Trimming the tree

Christmas Cat


Snow angels

Predicting weather

Have yourself a meowry little Christmas


the Railway Cat

Bustopher Jones
the Cat about Town

Growltiger's Last Stand

Gus, the Theatre Cat

Macavity, the Mystery Cat

Mr. Mistoffelees

Elliot's Cats

The 4th Estate




discovers crap circles

 has a reptilian streak

at an archaeological dig

stone felines unearthed

knows his true worth

a theory of feline aesthetics

is creative in the sandbox

Apophis done in by a cat

Egyptian Mummies and felines

Korean coins discovered

Coins found on Isle of Man

air drying

is a contrite kitten!

discovering immersion

draws water

Cleaning up...

on Laundry Day

 - wide eyed disbelief

learning to wash another's paws

on washing a Cat

readies the shower

likes to soak

these suits don't get wet!


helps with the dishes

catching a drip

water skiing

cleanliness is next to...

Today is the first day...

The best and most beautiful...

Feeling are everywhere...

No day is so bad...

A home without a cat...

The cat and its housekeeping...

Guests must be...

A cat lover...

Each day is...

Friendship is the...

Attack cat

Home is where...

proverbs are oft tongue in cheek

Agreeable friends

Absolute honesty

A little cat, a little book

True friendship

Life is tough

You never really leave

Purrfect friends

Room to grow

Time for a cat nap

Ain't gonna

Embracing the lion

Follow your heart

"Move" doesn't mean...

What's yours is yours...


Kings size purchase...



Stress Management...



Dog and Cat

Herding cats

on the military range

with the jazz ensemble

text book

doesn't like leaders

is perfectly designed

family planning


Has an affinity for water

Proverbial Cat

House Rules

Cat Management

as a jail bird

a casual carnivore

at the Easter egg hunt

...Easter Egg Champion

Easter egg hunt - 2 an Easter decoy

and feathered hat

serving aviary finger food

tending the bird bath

with the Stone Birds

loves canaries

a lion of Judah...!

eats Kosher!

munching on matzo


a ram caught in a thicket

Cain and Able

Cat in the Hat






Oh no!

at the garage

on the road again...

on the wagon...!

On the road to the White House

Patriotic Campaign Cat


after the move to Halifax

so what's a Halogonian?

Law of Cat Inertia

Law of Cat Motion

Law of Cat Magnetism

Law of Cat Thermodynamics

Law of Cat Stretching

Law of Cat Sleeping

 Law of Cat Elongation

Law of Cat Obstruction

Law of Cat Acceleration

Law of Dinner Table Attendance

Law of Rug Configuration

Law of Obedience Resistance

Cats in Physics History

And everybody knows!

With a brown bear

With another brown bear

kitty's teddy

Birds of a Feather

Kosher Kats


On the Road again
with Willie Nelson

Feline Laws of Physics

With a brown bear

With another brown bear

now I lay me down to sleep

brushes before
hitting the sack

Slumber Party

Sleep over

plain tuckered out

Kitty with Teddy

Regal cushion

is a comfy pillow

is a bit sheepish

has sleep hangups



Chairs and Rugs

The 6 points of Helping/Hampering



Litter Box


One Last Thought

eating gourmand

 - stuffed!

on Caffeine

loves noodles

on a bed of lettuce

eats and sleeps...

having a bite

reading the menu

like cocoa

likes left-overs

another food group

is first in line for left-overs

neighbourhood bar-b-que

enjoys Octoberfest

happy cup cake

is a great listener

... happy dreams

is a comedian

discovers a friend

is knotty

attaining purr-fection

in the pansy bed

is a great back scratcher

applying Jesus' New Commandment

giving Advice

is a Bud

at a sleep over

... contentment

suffering slipper anxiety

Good-byes are always tough...

takes time for a Moose...!

suffering from being too cute

at a sleep over encore

at Valentine's

caught in the act...!

faces temptation

on St Paddy's Day

is wilfully blind

showing compassion

with attitude

discovers indulgences

road rage

feigning innocence

likes to relax

goes Goth

is vain

is very vain

women and cats

is sadder but wiser

is good company

at an AA meeting

at the psychotherapist's

party animal

with a case


Ahhh... the weekend!

Thanks for the straw

Peeping Tom

Feline Etiquette


Puss 'n' Boots

as Charlie Chaplin

eschews pride

embarrassed the butt of jokes

as a Monarch

as W. C. Fields

in sheep's clothing

Taking zeds




Monsignor's Cat is incorrigible

Benedictine exercises

never gets what she preys for

learning contrition


reflecting on a yarn

as a supplicant


with Christmas curiosity

hanging mistletoe

Santa Claws

as a reindeer

the annual Christmas photo

and the snowman

in the chorus

seasonal jealousy

Christmas stocking chorus

is territorial

mining coal

Check out the

Recent Additions

to Monsignor's litter

these suits don't get wet!


water skiing

likes to relax

is a party animal

Peeping Tom

on a bed of lettuce

at a neighbourhood bar-b-que

enjoys some suds

discovers a friend

is the new short stop

swimming team dog paddle?

makes home plate

gone fishin'

learning to wet a line

as an Olympian



Home Sweet Home

Smelly Cat


Highland Shepherd Home Page

Return to the

Highland Shepherd


at the Highland Games

Paddie flaunting his kilt

at the bag pipes

sustaining a note...!

in the bag!

at an archaeological dig

Celtic roots

Felix Navidad

Recent Additions

Hot Hazy and Humid