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I and Thou


Canon Jim Irvine




Home Study

Epiphany 2003 - a 7-part Home-Study Series


Group discussion sheets are hyperlinked to the right, along with the following Resource materials...

1. Epiphany Lections in the New Revised Common Lectionary

2. Epiphany Hymns and Carols

3. Excerpts from I and Thou

4. Excerpts from The Sunflower

Seven 90-minute home-sessions provide scriptural reflection and faith integration concluding with the Holy Eucharist, reflecting the Emmaus paradigm of Jesus' disciples' Easter epiphany.

Answering the many "spiritual" questions left unaddressed by such popular historical bestsellers as A History of God and God: A Biography, renowned author Marcus Borg reveals how to embrace an authentic contemporary faith that reconciles God with science, critical thinking and religious pluralism.

How to have faith--how to even think about God--without having to stifle modern rationality is one of the most vital challenges facing contemporary religion. In providing a much-needed solution to the problem of how to have a fully authentic yet fully contemporary understanding of God, Borg--author of the bestselling Meeting Jesus Again for the first Time--traces his personal journey. He leads readers from the all-powerful and authoritarian God of his (and their) childhood and traditional faith to an equally powerful but dynamic image of God that is relevant to contemporary seekers and more biblical and spiritually authentic. Borg shows how the modern crisis of faith is itself rooted in delusion--misinterpretation of biblical texts and of God's true nature--and challenges readers to a new way of thinking about God. He opens a practical discussion about how to base a relationship with the divine both immanent and transcendent, here and now, always and everywhere.

Arguing that the authentic Judeo-Christian tradition is that God's being includes the whole world, Borg persuasively shows how this understanding accounts for the whole variety of human religious experience. Ultimately, he introduces readers to a way of thinking about God who is "right here" all around them, rather than distant and remote. This understanding is more intellectually and spiritually satisfying and allows readers to reclaim a stronger sense of God's presence.


Thinking About God


- week of Jan 6 -

The God I Met the First Time


- week of Jan 13 -

Why Panentheism?


Imaging God


- week of Jan 20 -

Why and How it Matters


- week of Jan 27 -

Jesus and God


Living With God


- week of Feb 3 -

Opening to God: The Heart of Spirituality


- week of Feb 10 -

The Dream of God: A Politics of Compassion


- week of Feb 17 -

Salvation: What on Earth Do We Mean?


- supplement -

Epiphany Carols


- supplement -

Epiphany Lectionary
Year B


- supplement -

I and Thou

Walter Kaufmann's



- supplement -

The Sunflower

Simon Wiesenthal


ation: What on Earth Do We Mean?