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It is sufficient to remember another simply by their baptismal name. 

It is not necessary to know anything beyond that, and from time to time it may be prudent to remember another by a pseudonym to ensure confidentiality and privacy.  

God knows who they are.  We arenít bringing something to Godís attention - we are giving voice to compassion.

It is unnecessary to know the circumstances of the person for whom we pray.  This Ministry of Intercession is not a means of notification, or of gossip, but of prayer.

It is presumptuous to define, limit or determine the condition of the prayer.  Suffice it to say that our common mind is for the well being and wholeness of another, however God demonstrates his restorative compassion.

If you have need of prayer support, please let me know.  This link will enable you to inform me of your request.  I ask only for your baptismal name, and in the case of those not baptized, your first name.  Clicking on the mailbox will enable you to add your petition.  Iíll remember you at Mass...

e-mail Canon Jim Irvine... the Highland Shepherd - prayer request

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Good Lord deliver us.