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Easter Home Study 2005...

Session 1 Luke 24: 13-15

Session 2 John 10: 1-10

Session 3 John 14: 1-14

Session 4 John 14: 15-21

Session 5 John 17: 1-11

Session 6 John 20: 19-23

Psalm 67:1

May God be merciful to us
and bless us,
show us the light of his countenance,
and come to us.

Its easy to forget what someones face looks like, especially in our globalized world. Telephones, email, even letters cant reproduce for us the sensation of looking a loved one in the eye as we talk to them. Its as though we lack the fullness of relationship when we can't see the person to whom were relating.

So it is with Gods face. It is a profound act of faithfulness to ask God for the light of the divine countenance. Doing so, we admit that our lives, our very existences, are incomplete without the presence of our creator, our redeemer, our sustainer.

And yet, even as we are faithful to ask for a glimpse of Gods countenance, are we ready for what it will illumine? Are we willing to see God coming to us in the poor and oppressed of our world, of our community? Are we willing to see Gods countenance in those whom our well-to-do lifestyle has relegated to a second-class existence? Let us indeed call out for God to show us the light of the divine countenance; but shown it, let us not recoil but rather turn around from our sin and embrace God as we see God in our neighbors.

Suffering God, we ask for you to sustain us, that we might love and serve you through our neighbors. Amen.