The Genesis of Justice
Ten Stories of Biblical Injustice that Led
to the Ten Commandments and Modern Law

by Alan M. Dershowitz




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Schocken Bible Translation and Contemporary English Version



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Session 1 - May 13 and 15

God Threatens and Backs Down
Cain (Kayin) Murders (Hevel) - and Walks


Session 2 - May 20 and 22
God Overreacts - and Floods the World
Abraham (Avraham) Defends the Guilty - and Loses


Session 3 - May 27 and 29
Lot's Daughters Rape Their Father - and Save the World

Abraham (Avraham) Commits Attempted Murder (of Yitzhak) - and Is Praised


Session 4 - June 3 and 5
Jacob (Yaakov) Deceives - and Gets Deceived
Dina is Raped - and Her Brothers Take Revenge


Session 5 - June 10 and 12
Tamar Becomes a Prostitute - and the Progenitor of David and the Messiah

Joseph (Yosef) is Framed - and Then Frames His Brothers


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