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Radical Compassion:  Part 2 - The outward journey of faith...

...will lead us toward a new beginning - toward a Mount of Transfiguration.  With Peter, James and John a holy place is recognized as familiar but not the same.  We will reflect on our epiphanies of life: within ourselves and with another.  We will recognize Jesus within broken dreams and broken hopes.  We will recognize injustice and destitution and welcome an Epiphany of Jesus with us.  We have an opportunity to discover impressions made on us and impressions we have left; reflections of our encounters of God in Christ in others will lead us to life transfigured by a transfigured Life. 

The five-session Home-Study will be held in the Season of Epiphany - January 24 and conclude the week of the Transfiguration - February 21, 2006


January 24:

January 31:

February 7:

February 14:

February 21:

Gary Smith, S.J. - RADICAL COMPASSION: Finding Christ in the Heart of the Poor - download the MSWord document fileStreet Scenes: Glimpses of Old Town

Go in Peace: Celebrating Mass in Old Town

Poverty Is Not a Crime: Eddie's Letter

The Leper: Robert's Story

Ashes in the Wind: Death in the World of the Homeless


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Radical Compassion is available at Anglican House, Saint John

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