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Sarah McIntyre

Bachelor of Applied Arts (Fabric) University of New Brunswick  '02

Sarah Irvine, the Unbeweaveable weaver!


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Crackle Weave Body Pillow - wool and alpaca 

When I started weaving I realized I would need to have a style and product-line that complimented my style.  I very quickly discovered that my style was unique and colourful and what better genre than Home Decor to help put these colourful items in the homes of my customers.  Each pillow is a functional item that is not only for admiring but using.  They fit into any space from living rooms, sun rooms, bedrooms and family rooms.

I hand-paint all my cotton warps for pillows so that they are a complimentary set rather than cookie cutter copies.  Rarely are two woven with the same yarns.  Instead, I play with the textures and the set of the warp to allow for heavy canvas-like pillows as well as soft drape pillows.

Currently I am working on a line of pillows that are done in the traditional overshot technique.  These pillows are more intricate in design.  However, to eliminate the cookie cutter identical pillows, I use a different pattern yarn on each pillow. This creates complimentary pillows in colour and design, but no two alike in size and texture. These pillows will be available in July 2003.  Keep checking back to see what they look like.

My goal is to create one-of-a-kind Home Decor items for not only the young who are decorating their homes, but the young-at-heart who are adding to their collections.  If there are specific colours you would like to have made please contact me.


Sarah McIntyre

is a Juried Member of the

New Brunswick Craft Council
Conseil D'Artisanat du Nouveau-Brunswick

June 2002