Can Angels Appear as Animals?

Can Angels Appear as Animals?

An angel is a spiritual being. Therefore, determining their true nature is difficult. To interact with human beings, angels assume different forms. They can appear as humans, animals, or any other creature. In other words, an angel can take any form to accomplish the intent of God.

Can angels appear as animals?

The answer to this question is yes. Angel are spirits. Hence, they can appear in various forms, including an animal form. They can appear as a dove, a donkey, a lion, or even a cat. Now, this does not mean that an angel can only appear like these animals. They can take any animal form. It is evident in the bible.

In the Bible, Balaam once headed to the Moabites officials God was unhappy and wanted to stop him. So He sent an angel who went and stood in the middle of the road, holding a sword. It’s not clear how the angel manifested himself. But Balaam didn’t notice the angel, but the donkey did. Balaam beat the donkey to move, but it couldn’t. Afterward, the angel took the form of that donkey and spoke to Balaam. An animal cannot speak, but in this case it did. It is a clear indicator that an angel can appear as an animal.

Also, in the story of Ezekiel, he saw a vision in heaven. He saw animals that have four wings. He also saw creatures that have faces of lion and oxen. These were angels that appeared like animals — the same case with John in the Book of revelation.  Here is the story of Ezekiel.

How do you tell when an animal is an angel?

It’s not easy to tell that an animal is an angel. Well, who knows? Maybe your pet at home is your guardian angel. You never know. That’s why it’s always important to treat everybody fairly, including the animals. We have heard many incidences where animals have saved people’s lives. For example, we have heard stories where animals have saved human beings from lethal accidents. So, the angel takes an animal form to save the humans who are in danger.

You cannot tell the presence of an angel unless you see the signs, since their presence, or see them in dreams and in visions — angels are spiritual creatures and a secret army of God. You don’t expect to meet on the road. They are invisible, but they are everywhere. They only appear as animals when they want to manifest themselves to serve a given purpose of God.

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