Can Angels Read Minds?

praying to angels

Can angels read minds? Do they know your secret thoughts? By the power of God, angels are able to know and understand a lot about what is happening in the world.

Since creation, angels have watched and recorded the choices that people make. They also play a part in listening and responding to prayers made by people but can angels read your mind to know exactly what it is you’re thinking about?

Do Angels Know As Much As God

Although angels have amassed great knowledge, they are not omniscient. This means that they can’t bear the same amount of knowledge as God. It’s important to understand that God created angels and, therefore, cannot have the same knowledge as the being that created them.

In Mark 13:32, Jesus spoke of the limited knowledge of angels when he said that no one knew the day or the hour that God would descend from heaven to earth. He added that not even him, nor God’s angels had that information, apart from God himself.

It’s clear that angels do not know as much as God, but they do know a lot more than humans. God created angels before he created human beings. Angles rank higher in order of creation and naturally, have more knowledge. This, therefore, brings the up question; can angels read minds?

Angels Accessing Your Mind

Everyone has one or more guardian angels. Guardian angels are assigned by God to watch over you and care for you all through your entire life. This means that they can gain access to your mind at any point. Your angel needs to communicate with you frequently so they can do an efficient job in protecting you.

There are angels who communicate with people by transferring thoughts from their minds to the minds of the people through telepathy. According to Debra Hall of Psychic Advisor, psychics can also do this by having thoughts that are brought about by Angels.

However, they are only able to do this if people grant them permission. No angel can read minds without being granted access, apart from guardian angels so you do not have to worry. In any case, angels will not read your minds for purposes other than good.

Angels do not spend their days simply eavesdropping on the thoughts of people. They do not go around sneaking around the minds of people. This is because they find no interest in where your mind wanders during the day, your dreams at night, or on what you say to yourself. But they do pay a lot of attention to what people think about God, such as silent prayers.

Angels are ministering spirits and will use the information they find in your mind not for evil, but for good such as interceding with God. You can trust them with access to your mind because you might find that they know more about you than you know about you. In days such as these when only a few people can be trusted with sensitive information and secrets about the world, it is hugely comforting to know that angels will not use their vast knowledge to hurt people.

Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote that it is only God who knows absolutely everything about what is in the minds of people. He added that it is God alone who has a full understanding of how people think and how it relates to their free will.

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