Can angels reproduce supernaturally?

Can angels reproduce supernaturally?

The topic of angels tends to raise a lot of concerns to humankind. Most people ask questions, do angels reproduce? Do they have sex? Where do they come from? Are they the good people that die and go to heaven or who are they? Well, it’s hard to determine all these, since angels are supernatural beings. They don’t have any physical form; they are only spiritual beings. There are a lot of theories that revolve around angels regarding their existence. Here are some of the facts you would want to check out.

Can angels reproduce supernatural?

Well, this is a question that is not clearly indicated anywhere, including in the Bible. Now, you can base your answer on some biblical facts. There is nowhere indicates that an angel can reproduce a supernatural. However, the Bible explains as to where the angles come from. First of all, no spiritual being can give birth. Not the angel, not the demon. But the Bible indicates that angels were created by God, long before the man. So, God creates angels. They don’t marry, and they don’t reproduce. They are the sons of God created individually.

Do angels have sex?

Yes, angels can have sex. You cannot tell whether they do it regularly as humans, but yes they can. Angels cannot have sex while they are in spiritual form unless they take the form of a human. In the Bible, two angels went to Sodom to visit Lot. When the people saw them, they admired them and slept with them. So, this indicates that angels have sexuality only that they have to engage in sexual intercourse while in human form.

Can angels reproduce with humans?

Yes, an angel can reproduce with a human. The Bible indicates this. In the beginning, when the world was less populated, angels admired the daughters of men. They saw the women on earth beautiful. These angels took them for their wives. Thus, they bore children together. These children were giants and strongest of all. People who have seen angels, perhaps in dreams and vision, they describe them as beautiful and attracting creatures. Who knows, perhaps they can be sexually attractive to men.

Angels can’t reproduce amongst themselves. But when it comes to humans, yes they can. So, the generation of angels does not come from their reproduction. God creates them. Additionally, most people believe that when good guys die, they go to heaven to live with God like angels.

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