Can Angels Take Human Form

Can Angels Take Human Form

It’s hard to imagine the look of angels. It’s because they are spiritual beings and do most of their work invisibly. Now, angels are real. They surround us everywhere we go to guide and protect us. Most people encounter angels in their dreams and visions. This is evidence that these creatures truly exist even though we can’t determine their actual form. Now, do angels take a human form?

Evidence that an angel can take a human form

To start with, angels do take a human form. According to the Bible, some people encountered angels in person. If you have read the story of Abraham, the angels appeared to him in the form of humans. They are the ones that informed him that he was going to have a son. They looked exactly like humans, and he couldn’t even realize that they were angels.

Similarly, the same happens in the story of Jesus. When Jesus rose from death, an angel opened the tombstone. When the two women, that is Mary Magdalene, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, went to check on him, they saw an angel sitting on the tombstone. The angel even talked to them, informing them that Jesus has arisen.

The bible is evident, and the things that happened are true. So, the fact that people have seen angels in the past is real. Angels may take different forms. They may appear in their heavenly form or human form. Sometimes, angels appear to people even without them knowing. You only see signs, dream about them, since their presence, and if you are lucky, you see them through an angelic insight.

What do angels look like?

According to the bible, angels usually assume human form specifically as men. There is no evidence that an angel appeared as a woman or a child. Now, this does not mean that all angels are male. It was only their manifestation. They had no wings, no feathers, they completely resembled a man.

Why would angels not appear is human form more frequently?

As stated earlier, angels are everywhere. But, the cases where angels have been seen taking a human form are rare. Perhaps they appear every time, only that we don’t realize it. Now, if angels would appears like human more often, they will be a great source distraction. We would not be able to focus on anything. Perhaps there would be insufficient enough space on earth for them and us.

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