Lenten Comprehensive Listing

A Journey Begun – Ash Wednesday 2009

A scalding prayer… Sabacthani – Holy Week 2009

Allegories of Heaven Lenten Study 2008 – Dinah Roe Kendall

All in One and One in All a poem by Harold Macdonald

All Things Shall Be Well Third Sunday of Easter 2006

Ash Wednesday a Poem

Ash Wednesday Propers Scriptures

Ash Wednesday 2004 a poem by Harold Macdonald

Ash Wednesday 2006 a poem by Harold Macdonald

Ash Wednesday Liturgy 2010 St Thomas’ Church, Parish of Stanley

Ash Wednesday Homily 2010 St Thomas’ Church, Parish of Stanley

For Ash Wednesday a Prayer

Ash Wednesday FAQs


Ash Wednesday Sermon Havana • Presiding Bishop 2006

Ash Wednesday by T.S. Eliot

Ash Wednesday a Poem

Ash Wednesday a poem by Harold Macdonald

Baptism Favours

Being Glad Fifth Sunday of Easter 2006

Best of all Possible Worlds a poem by Harold Macdonald

Bishop of Wenchoster’s Greeting for Holy Week and Pasch

Blindness is also this… Jim Irvine

Breadth of Compassion Jim Irvine

[The] Broken Body: Journey to Wholeness Jean Vanier

Christ on Trial Fredericton Institute of Christian Studies 2005

Christ on Trial Lenten Study 2004 • St Anne’s Fredericton

Christian faith is tactile – Ash Wednesday 2000 – Jim Irvine

Cleaning House for Lent a poem by Harold Macdonald

Come and Follow Me Good Friday 2011 Series – Jim Irvine

The Death of God Good Friday 2006

Easter Resurrection Witness Gospel Lessons and Hymns

Easter Study Jesus’ words after the Cross

Easter Mysteries Sieger Köder

Easter 2006 Rowan Williams

Easter 2006 Andrew Hutchison

Easter 2007 Andrew Hutchison

Easter 2006 Frank Griswold

Easy Burden a poem by Harold Macdonald

Eternal Wounds Ascension Day 2006

Everyman’s Way of the Cross

The Fall a poem by Harold Macdonald

The Flogging a poem by Harold Macdonald

God’s Humble Face Sunday of the Passion 2006

Good Friday Agreement Ireland

Good Friday Series Three Hour Services – Jim Irvine

Good Friday Service

Good Friday a poem by Harold Macdonald

Guarding Against Life Holy Saturday 2006

Hail Mary, full of Grace penultimate WORD for Annunciation 2008

The Hell Jesus Never Intended Keith Wright – Lent 2005

His Touch Maundy Thursday 2006

Holy is the Name I know Good Friday 2012 Series – Jim Irvine

Holy Week

Holy Week Study Holy Week Readings

I, If I be Lifted Up Fourth Sunday in Lent 2006

If the Universe were Confined a poem by Harold Macdonald

In Group a Poem

Insight a Poem

Introductions to the Lenten Gospels by Harold Macdonald

I pray the Spirit my soul to keep Good Friday 2009 Meditation 1

I pray the Spirit my soul to take Good Friday 2009 Meditation 2

I pray the Spirit to show the way Good Friday 2009 Meditation 3

I pray the Spirit let wash my tears Good Friday 2009 Meditation 4

I pray the Spirit to let it stand Good Friday 2009 Meditation 5

I pray the Spirit let shine the light Good Friday 2009 Meditation 6

I pray the Spirit it’s not too late Good Friday 2009 Meditation 7

I pray the Spirit my soul to care Good Friday 2009 Meditation 8

I Will Sing As I Journey Good Friday 2010 Series – Jim Irvine

IRA Statement July 28 2005 Ireland

Jan Komski Holocaust art gallery

Jesus’ Last Words Good Friday 2004 Series – Jim Irvine

Jesus and the Holocaust Lenten Study 2003

Jesus’ Last Words from the Cross Homilies

Known to the Senses Martin Warner – Lent 2006

Köder’s Folly of God Stations of the Cross

Lenten Deprivation

Of Lenten Things Aldous N. Gaiters

Lenten Hymnody parody

Let Streams of Living Justice Good Friday 2013 Series – Jim Irvine

The Last Week Lenten Study 2007

Light of the World – Easter 2009

Litany for Lent Daily Themes for the Week

Litany of Penance John Henry Newman

Litany of the Passion John Henry Newman

Litany in Sorrow

Lenten Meditations John Donne

Listening for the Heartbeat of God Lent 2009

Love is the only way penultimate WORD for Holy Cross Day

Matter of Perspective Ein gute deutsche Schwein

Meditations on the Stations John Henry Newman

Mockery a poem by Harold Macdonald

Modesty Woven by Prayer Good Friday 2009 Series – Jim Irvine

Mothering Sunday

My Heart is Ready Ash Wednesday 2006

The New Temple Third Sunday in Lent 2006

On Forgiveness Easter Study 2004

Of God we ask one favour Jim Irvine

Octave Day of Easter Readings and Hymns

Palm Sunday

Passion Week

Passion Gallery Art Work

The Passion the Evangelists’ Accounts

The Passion 2011 Lenten Study Series

Passover Theme

The Path Less Traveled Second Sunday in Lent 2006

Penultimate Word the Lenten Series

The Physiology of Crucifixion


The Pietà – Lenten Study 2008 – Allegories of Heaven

Poetry Collection

The Pomegranates Fall Silent penultimate WORD Easter 2007

Prayer of Hope a Prayer for Easter

Praying the Movies Lenten Study 2008 – Edward McNulty

The Prism a poem by Harold Macdonald

The Protector Seventh Sunday of Easter 2006

Providence Fourth Sunday of Easter 2006

Radical Compassion Part 1 Gary Smith, SJ (Autumn 2004)

Radical Compassion Part 2 Gary Smith, SJ (Epiphany 2006)

Religious fluency

Resurrection of Jesus Easter study 2007

The Resurrection Easter Study 2011

The Shack 2010 Lenten Study

Simnel Cake

Simple Gifts Sixth Sunday of Easter 2006

So Great My Grief a poem by Harold Macdonald

Sonnets to Enhance the Lectionary by Harold Macdonald

Stations of the Cross Köder’s Folly of God

Stations of the Cross Sonnets by Fr. Malcolm Guite

Stations of the Cross Woodcuts – contemporary

Stations of the Cross Traditional


Sweet Forgiveness  the penultimate WORD – 1999 series

Sweet Forgiveness  Lyrics

Sweet Forgiveness  by Iris DeMent from her CD, “Infamous Angel”

Take This Bread 2010 Easter Study

Tenebrae for home use

Think Not How Far a poem by Harold Macdonald

There is a Time for Truth a poem by Harold Macdonald

The Time is Now First Sunday in Lent 2006

Tree of Glory Fifth Sunday in Lent 2006

The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross a series by W.G. Hughes

The Way to Life Easter 2009

We Cannot Measure… How You Heal – Good Friday 2015

We Have Seen His Glory Jim Irvine – Lenten Study 1997

We Know By Faith Second Sunday of Easter 2006

We pray to heaven penultimate WORD Lent 2007

We Preach Christ Crucified Lenten Study 2002

We Thirst at First penultimate WORD for March 2006

When Jesus Wept a poem by Harold Macdonald

Why All the Ashes? by Fr John Beddingfield

Wilderness a poem by Harold Macdonald

Women of Good Sense Easter Day 2006

You are free! Free! He is waiting for you penultimate WORD 2008

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