Mummering or Jannying…

Also known as mumming or janneying, it usually involves a group of friends or family who dress in camouflage and visit houses within their community or neighbouring neighborhoods during the twelve days of Christmas.

If the mummers are invited into a house, they frequently do a range of informal performances that may consist of dance, music, jokes, or recitations. The hosts need to think the mummers’ identities before using them food or beverage. They might poke and prod the mummers or ask them questions. To make this a difficulty for the hosts, the mummers may pack their outfits, cross-dress, or speak while inhaling (ingressive speech).

Once the mummers have actually been determined, they eliminate their disguises, spend some social time with the hosts, and then travel as a group to the next house.

Mummering is making a comeback now and you can see they did an article on it at CNN

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