Augustinian (iNtuitive-Feeling) Prayer and Spirituality

Remember that Augustinian Spirituality makes use of your imagination by transposing the words of the Scriptures and applies them to your situation today. This provides you with a personal reflection on the presence of God in his Word.

Luke’s Gospel is of particular interest to the iNtuitiveFeeling personality type. Jesus’ compassion for sinners… for women… and outcasts finds a responsive chord.

Of all the temperaments, the iNtuitiveFeeling personality needs more time in prayer and quiet meditation than any of the others. For the iNtuitiveFeelingpersonality such time is not a luxury but a necessity as far as personal development and relationship with God is concerned.

“What do these words of Scripture mean to me in my present situation?”

“What message is the Lord trying to convey to me in these ancient words of the Bible?”

By using their iNtuition in this transposition, the iNtuitiveFeeling personality makes the Bible relevant to current personal and community problems and needs. In order to practice the Prayer of Transposition, which we call Augustinian Prayer, the iNtuitiveFeeling personality needs to open him/herself to one’s creative imagination. Usually good with words, both in speaking and writing, the iNtuitiveFeeling personality type finds journal keeping not a chore but a joy.

To be fully effective, Augustinian Prayer should consist of a dialogue between God and oneself. The four steps of Lectio Divina can help here…

First… READ

listen attentively to what God is telling you in the words of Scripture by endeavouring to read between the lines to discern the deeper meaning contained therein.


reflect prayerfully upon their meaning and try to apply this eternal wisdom to your situation today.

Third… PRAY

respond to God’s word by appropriate personal feelings and dialogue.


remain quiet and still in order to be open to any new insights that your iNtuitive faculty brings forth.

Since the life of the iNtuitiveFeeling personality revolves around personal relationships, this will also be true in the iNtuitiveFeeling personality type’s prayer life. The NF should endeavour to create a good, loving ralationship with each person of the Trinity: a parental relationship with the First Person; a brotherly, friendly relationship with Jesus; a spousal relationship of love with the Holy Spirit. Ikons, statues, and other representations of art which express beautifully and symbolically a good relationship with God will also help the iNtuitiveFeeling personality in prayer.

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