How To Pick The Best Paint Colors For A Church Interior

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There are several considerations to make when it comes to beautifying a building. After erecting the structure, the next point of call is giving it a nice finishing. The decoration, the lawn, and most importantly, the exterior and interior painting plays a major role.

However, there is more to painting and color mixing than outward appearance. For example, when it comes to painting the interior of a church building, there are specific considerations you put in mind.  Some of them are:

  • The worship style of the church
  • The kind of atmosphere you want the color to create
  • The amount of light that brightens the church’s interior

What Is The Significance Of Colors?

In artistic beauty, color is one thing that cannot be traded with. It is interesting to discover the psychological and mental effects of each color. Each color adds a specific impact in that it communicates an idea, a feeling or an effect.

Having an understanding of color effect is beneficial to color mixing and painting. House Painters In Niagara Falls have also said that clients who have an idea of color patterns seem more satisfied with service delivery.  Here is an explanation of specific colors.


The color, white, is known to create a mental picture of purity or cleanliness. It is common to find church interior painted with white to create an atmosphere for the worship of God. Besides, white is also known as the symbol of innocence, peace, tranquility, and awe.


It is generally known in arts and painting that black stands for evil authority or power. It also connotes mourning most of the time.

With regards to painting a church interior, it is unusual to see black paintings. Another reason why interior buildings are not often painted black is because of the radiation and heat that comes with the color. Black absorbs light but is unable to transmit it.


Red is a bright color and is used for many reasons. It connotes love, romance, life, and blood. Most of the time, the part of red that symbolizes blood is often explored in the design of a church interior. It is not unusual to find some parts of the interior painted in cool red. The red color is also known to communicate energy, comfort, and excitement.


In painting and application of colors, green is particularly known to add a sense of freshness, life, nature, and cool. It is one of the commonest colors you will ever find in a church interior after white. The state of peace, comfort, tranquility, growth, calmness, and fertility that green transmits gives church members the psychology of peace during worship.


The blue color is another very important and applicable color in painting. You might want to consider using blue for your church interior painting because it adds a sense of serenity, love, wisdom, loyalty, calmness, and order.


Royalty is one of the cores of worship in the church. Purple may appear in the interior of some worship centers. Also, purple as used in arts symbolizes spirituality, wealth, prosperity and abundance.

How Do I Select The Best Color For A Church Interior?

Picture Of How Do I Select The Best Color For A Church Interior

Deciding on the color of a church interior color can be very difficult. You want to make sure that you eventually pick a color that satisfies the congregation of worshippers. But how best can you go about this decision?

We will help you understand How To Pick The Best Paint Colors for Church Interior;

1. Create An Active Committee

It is important to devise a strategy if needs will be met. When deciding on the color, it is not a question thrown to worshippers during a Sunday sermon.

The most effective strategy is to form a committee of experienced and well-informed people to pick the perfect color. Therefore, you saddle the committee with this responsibility early enough so they can work without pressure.

2. Observe The Church Interior

A good understanding of the structure, design, and orientation of the interior will go a long way in getting the perfect color. But how does this happen? You should allow the committee to properly view the church’s interior features.

Some colors perfectly match bricks and walls while some are a good match for wood. Also, the interior’s shape and orientation are very important because some churches have square shapes while others have a rectangular or even circular shape.

Also, you should remember to select a good color for the windows. Here, you will need to analyze color mixing because the windows should match the floor and wall. These orientations all contribute to the most suitable color.

Another feature that should be considered is the amount of light that enters the church through the window or some other sources. Based on this light information, you can decide to include a bright or dark color to either magnify or contain the light illumination.

3. Consult An Expert

After you might have obtained results from your observations, it is necessary to show them to a specialist or a consultant in painting and color mixing. All you need to do is show the details of your findings.

Also, do not forget to include pictures of the interior before the painting. In most cases, your consultant will connect you to a shop where you can purchase the best paint for your church interior.

4. Test Your Results

You are not done yet. Remember that color on posters at the shop does not necessarily transmit an exact feeling on the wall of your church interior. So, you should do some tests by applying posters of the selected colors on some parts of the interior. The recommendation of viewers at this point can then lead you to finalize your decision.


Color is an expression of beauty and the right mixing and application will give you the exact feeling you wish to have. You can be sure to get the best painting color even for your church interior.

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