Can Angels Hear our Thoughts?

Can Angels Hear our Thoughts?

In the realm of spirituality, there is no doubt that angels exist as one of the more positive and celestial entities. Angels are considered figures that sort of resemble a spirit guide in their purpose and overall mood. Angels are by definition good and are produced in good. However, despite the good that angels bring forth, they do not possess the same power as God, himself.

God is the entity in the realm of spirituality who is recognized largely as the one who knows all and sees all. In this equation, angels are not granted the same powers as God. Where God can hear all of our thoughts and comprehend each and every intention, it is without a doubt that angels are slightly different in their capabilities.

Guiding People in Need

Angels serve more as a sign of the good in the world and an insight into the nature of heaven itself. Perhaps angels have the ability to guide us in the way of good and to stay away from the less righteous path. But they do not possess the ability to actually hear our thoughts. Angels are able to help people who are in need and guide those who are in dire need of guidance because they possess the power to bring people closer to the light and right path.

Opposite of Evil

According to Gina, a psychic in Vancouver: “Angels are considered the counterpart of the devil, emphasizing immense greatness and goodness. Angels are said to take any form, here to guide us in whatever way will work.”

Though this seems like angels are aware of our inner and introspective thoughts and feelings, it is more so a general notion they feel about a person’s need of spiritual help and assurance.

There to Help

Angels can feel our innocent need for help when wished for with a good intention. We can look to people in our lives and wonder whether or not they are angels taking the form of people because some people do appear to possess the power to guide us to the better path of light.

Angels cannot hear our thoughts but they can process the balance of good and evil that exists within us. Angels are entities sent by God to help people and to assist on the journey to the afterlife. They are figures of hope and faith and they are able to bring peace to people through their strong presence. Angels are undoubtedly important to people despite their overt limitations.

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